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NC Museum of Dolls, Toys & Miniatures


Old Mother Hubbard Fantasy Creation


This doll "Old Mother Hubbard" was made in 1996 by the late artist, Nancy Leverick of Gastonia, NC. Nancy was the founder of  "House of Nanimal Ltd" and all of her designs were original.

Nancy's work is featured in the book "Anatomy Of A Doll: The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook" by Susanna Oroyan.



Read the poem below then look at the fabric Nancy selected. So clever! How many different dogs can you find on the print. 

"Old Mother Hubbard" is an English-language nursery rhyme, first given an extended printing in 1805, although the exact origin of the rhyme is disputed.


Old Mother Hubbard

Went to the Cupboard,

To give the poor Dog a bone;

When she came there,

The Cupboard was bare,

And so the poor Dog had none.


She went to the Bakers

To buy him some Bread;

When she came back

The Dog was dead!


She went to the Undertakers

To buy him a coffin;

When she came back

The Dog was laughing.

Original design by Nancy Leverick.

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